Benefits of Chia Seeds

Every tiny chia seed, well-known as a "Superfood", is loaded with antioxidants, omega 3, dietary fibre and protein. Chia also provides a slow release of energy which will sustain you for longer. Studies show chia seeds to curb sugar cravings, help you feel full for longer and balance blood sugar levels. 

Why Cut Down Sugar Intake?
It’s a known fact that more people should care and be aware about what they put into their bodies. Sugar has gained a lot of negative attention in the media over the past few years and healthy food movements and consumer trends around reduction of sugar in the diet have emerged.
Its the fructose in sugar which is the real enemy and can cause a lot of health issues associated with obesity and the obvious ones being diabetes and heart problems. Fructose is an issue because our brains don’t have an “off” switch for it hence why we crave it and we can’t stop eating it. Excess fructose is not used by the body as energy, but is stored as fat. Every morsel we eat is metabolised by our cells and used as energy, except – fructose.